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The avidity of an eminent Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr. Prashant S Acharya, to inculcate a community with the real sense of health care through the great science of Ayurveda culminated in the establishment of a health care organisation in 2003 to serve the rural population confined to a small town, Dodaballapura, of the Bangalore district of Karnataka. The acceptance of the service by the community inspired the practitioner to conceptualise an Ayurvedic educational institution which can intensify the provision of quality health care through a cluster of professionals. The dream of Dr. Prashant, hinged on the promulgation of the science of Ayurveda which he has mastered, sustained by the recommendations of the Atreya Charitable Trust with Shri Shivruddriah as its fount, converged to the establishment of the Atreya Ayurveda Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre in 2006 which serves till then as a nucleus to nurture excellence in all aspects of health care.

Atreya Ayurveda Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre is a multifaceted educational movement pursuing various service initiatives. The institution buttresses budding of the best achievers in health care profession, offering value based learning of Ayurveda, the ancient science of Life, amidst the intrinsic delight impressed with the healing touch of Nature in the historical town of Karnataka, Dodaballapura having safe and easy access to the city of Bengaluru connecting to various interstate highways with convenient transportation system. The institution provides with the finest quality medical education, training and patient care enabling the students to be better healers. It helps the students gain an insight of their prospect as true healers in the realm of Ayurveda.

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The Atreya Ayurveda Medical College, Hospital and Research Center is a tertiary educational institution imparting exquisite medical training to scholars through a blend of duty bound health care professionals bolstered up by the Atreya Charitable Trust. Situated amidst nature, it sets the perfect physical environment for the scholars to learn about the mending science of medicinal herbs. The advanced infrastructure conjoined with the efficient administration effects the best mental and emotional ambience of learning in the institution. The scholastic lectures and training sessions of competent teachers principally base the intellectual renovation of the scholars. The treasure of ancient wisdom is divulged before the students and the conventional medical concepts are critically conceived in Ayurvedic parlance.

The Gurukula method of training is adhered to the possible extent by promoting academic sessions excluding lecture hours. The curriculum of the institution fits to the predesigned academic calendar in each year satisfying the norms by the governing body and is designed in three channels- teaching, research and outreach programs with educational visits and out postings.

The college operates a well-equipped one hundred bedded teaching hospital with Outpatient , Inpatient , essential laboratory facilities and a semi-independent pharmacy. The medical research wing better known as the scientific research sector presents with transformative researches in the Ayurvedic sector.
Our pedagogy is student centric and we nurture a healthy student teacher relationship to provide a holistic grooming of each student to become confident, communicative and enlightened citizens to enter the global Ayurvedic community with delight, dignity and honor. I have always found that motivation works wonders in teaching the students. The institution boasts dedicated and experienced teachers constantly engaged in persuading the brain teasing inquiries of meritorious scholars to potentiate them as eminent Ayurvedic practitioners.

The Ayurveda fraternity today is a proficient and professional one. We wish to make it more adept, dexterous and efficient with our erudite and enlightened graduates. I am super proud to be the part of a successful team under the auspices of the Atreya Charitable Trust.